Shoe of the Month


It will come as no surprise to the fashion conscious that ankle boots will again form a major part in the fashion scene this autumn/winter.

While colour will offer some refreshing options, the biggest influence comes from textures and materials.

Combinations of leathers with suedes or fabrics  are popular and there is plentiful use of patent leather, furs, prints and embroidery with some really interesting use of bling and other trims. Lace-ups are again very important as an overall look also. Flat and casual is big but there are some really lovely shoes and ankle boots on heels as well.

This interesting style from Germany is in steel grey velvet. It’s one of those styles that will steal the attention of others because it is so stunning.
GABOR "Fawn”. Steel grey velvet. Made in Germany. $289.00. Click here to view.

Exclusive to Taylors …we love shoes, Nelson and Richmond.